About us

Keeping skin pure every day

Taking pride in keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy

CHIARO is a new and developing South African cosmetics brand that caters for all skin types. Developed for the young adult who cares about their appearance, without sacrificing the environment and their future appearance.

Our products are carefully and thoughtfully formulated to enhance your natural beauty and at the same time protecting, nourishing and hydrating your skin. If you are young, discerning, refined, intelligent, elegant, sophisticated and driven, CHIARO is the brand for you.

Our different ranges


CHIARO’s skin-care range caters for all skin types and one can use these products to enhance, nourish and protect their skin. Your skin will be left feeling fresh, clean, nourished and soft.


CHIARO’s beauty range caters for all skin types and aims to enhance one’s natural beauty, using amazing active ingredients that soften and hydrate the skin.


CHIARO’s body range caters for all skin types and ensures that your body is left feeling soft and hydrated after using the amazing products from this range.


CHIARO’s hair range caters for all hair types. These products in this range will leave your hair feeling healthy, silky soft and clean – because who does not want beautiful hair?


Brand Ambassador

- Daniela Gomes

Daniela, an Education student, striving to pursue her passion for teaching and making a difference in the world, also has an eye for all thing’s skincare and beauty. “There’s a quote - “look good, feel good” that I believe to be true, since looking after your skin truly makes you feel good; it’s almost your skin’s way of thanking you. I have always been meticulous about everything, really, and this brand is aligned with those values. Every product is tirelessly researched and carefully formulated with the most incredible ingredients. I love that all the products serve the purpose of nourishing, hydrating, protecting and enhancing one’s natural beauty. What makes being a part of the CHIARO team even more special is that it is a proudly South African brand that does not test on animals and the product ingredients are vegan. PURE.”

“Beauty is power, makeup and skin-care are things that really enhance that.”