Solutions to three of the causes of Acne

Causes of Acne

There are several causes of acne. A few of them being:

  • Inflammation in the Epidermal and Dermal layers of the skin
  • Dehydration of both the Epidermal and Dermal layers of the skin
  • Altered skin pH and natural oils leading to trans epidermal water loss (TEWL).


Acne Combating Products

There are products that are designed to combat acne in the following ways:

Epidermal and Dermal inflammation

Several anti-inflammatory active ingredients in Acne Skin care products prevent inflammation in both layers of the skin. These actives can reduce the free radicals that cause this inflammation.


The increase of inflammation in both the Epidermal and Dermal layers of the skin, induces dehydration of the skin. The actives in good Acne skin care products allow the skin to create the building blocks necessary for the production of the skin’s natural hydration.

Altered skin pH

When the skin’s pH alters, the skin is compromised in its ability to protect itself from inflammation, dehydration, and free radicals. The actives in Acne skin care products reduce these risks and at the same time restores the skin’s ability to function, by reactivating the metabolism of cell functionality.


Maskne Rescue Kit

During the pandemic – we have had to wear masks in public. These mask can aggravate the Acne symptoms.

The CHIARO Maskne Rescue Kit contains five products that combat unhealthy skin (ABC face Mask, Spot Cream, Acne Prevention Day Cream SPF 20+, Acne Prevention Night Cream, Acne Prevention Cleanser). They do so because each of the products in the Maskne Promotion Kit contain those active ingredients used to combat Acne.


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